Best Australian Destinations for Christmas

Christmas comes but once in a year. So why not celebrate the festive season in the Land Down Under. Its big city life, tropical islands, unique wildlife, beautiful culture and genuine hospitality, is enough to lure any tourist. For someone who wants to spend their Christmas holidays in weather that is balmy instead of cold, nothing beats Australia. The Aussies are a friendly bunch who will welcome anyone visiting their country with open arms. 

It is the season to give and many times, and entire families travel by plane to Australia to enjoy Yuletide. Australia is chock-a-block with sites and spots which will make your Christmas worthwhile. Here are a few:  

  • Sydney: This city has bright lights and all sorts of colourful sights. The opera house in the bay area is world-famous and the musical events, night fireworks on New Year’s Eve, and carol singing make for an exciting experience. Visit the local fish market for some fresh seafood to cook and enjoy eating later on. The advice from the people at Decking Newcastle, is to not miss the chance of sunbathing while lying on the warm sands of Bondi Beach.  
  • Melbourne: A large-scale festival takes place here around Yuletide. Take your family for a tour of the city with its thousand and one attractions. The Melbourne Christmas Festival will be an ideal place for you to taste-test some of the myriad desserts available in sample form for travelers.  
  • Tasmania: Nature is preserved in its original state here in Tasmania. The beaches have white sands which will entice any tourist who wants some quiet. 
  • Northeastern Victoria: There are promontories here ranging from Mount Beauty to Mount Buffalo. Also, there is a ranch where the kids can interact with the domesticated animals and even feed them some food scraps. A winery exists where adult visitors can enjoy tasting some classic vintage bottles of liquor. 
  • Lake Mungo National Park: A genuinely mystical and magical place, this abode is replete with Aboriginal culture and traditions. The lake, which appears in the place’s epithet, is left today in its dehydrated state after drying out thousands of years ago. 
  • Lord Howe Island: There is a boatload (pun intended) of activities for kids and adults on this island. These include scuba diving, angling, following the bush trail, and riding bikes all over the terrain. The children can sit on Santa’s knee and get Christmas presents. Lunch may consist of succulent pieces of barbecued meat. Also, you could take leisurely walks through the jungles lined with thick foliage. There is even a golf course and cruise tour facility available. This island may be small in size, yet it makes up for this by offering a sense of unity among its inhabitants. There is friendliness and heart and soul in the air at Lord Howe Island. 
  • Esperance: This is a place that is a source of fun and games for the entire family. There are scenic beaches, exotic wildlife, and scads of other uniquely beautiful things to explore. You can camp for the night or choose to live in a cabin. Also, you get to do some birdwatching via a pair of binoculars.